Our Services

Your laundry can tell a lot about how you run your business. If you are in the hospitality or healthcare business, then it becomes even more important, because clients in these sectors are very finicky about service and quick to spot mistakes.

Clean and soft laundry is a delight everywhere and makes people happy. Just imagine how your clients would feel if you provide them with such a luxury. At Laundry Works, we can help you achieve that experience for your customers. Our laundry services are designed for quality, customer satisfaction and a greener world.

Wet laundering- What is it?

We specialize in wet cleaning of all types of fabrics. Wet cleaning, also called green cleansing uses a specific type of environmentally safe solvent that is gentle on all types of fabric. Our process uses less solvent than what other agencies use. The cleaning is performed on state of the art washing equipment by specially trained staff. These precautions help us achieve the best possible results of behalf of our clients. Our clients are spas, hotels, fitness centers and beauty treatment centers.

We understand the ideal that you are trying to achieve at your business. Small measures like having clean laundry can make a huge difference here. But don’t worry. Rest assured that we can help you. If you need more convincing, here is a bit more information.

We go the whole wayTo ensure continuity and high quality, we have not outsourced any part of our work. We take care of the collection, sorting, washing, drying, pressing, quality control and delivery in-house. We also customize each wash to ensure that there is no color mixing. Analyzing thread counts, design of fabric, color and using the best solvent to match, all these are part of our daily work.

We use only biodegradable solventsOur cleaning process does not produce any hazardous wastes (biodegradable solvents do the trick). Our state of the art machines also use less electricity compared to others. In this way, we are able to check pollution and do our bit towards a greener planet.

Advanced logistics and inventory managementOur advanced logistics and inventory management system ensures that the chances of misplacing fabric are reduced drastically. Losses are almost non-existent at our facility and all deliveries are made on time. We have also streamlined our process to ensure smooth flow of work and process. It helps us ensure quick turnarounds.

No more collecting the laundry and hauling it to the laundry. No more worrying how the laundry will treat that expensive or imported laundry. No more worrying about the environment. All these benefits can be yours, if you just engage us. To learn more about us or to get us on board, please call us at 6744 3678.