Our Portfolio

Everyone appreciates clean linens, towels and curtains. Many businesses need clean laundry on a regular business especially those in the beauty and hospitality sector. But they are often at a loss to find good cleaning establishments that are dependable, do the job properly and are affordable. In Singapore, one company is making waves with its dedication to customers and quality- Laundry Works.


A growing list of clients

We have clients from several industries. Some of our clients from the health and hospitality industry are Yun Nam Hair Care, New York Skin Solutions, London Weight Management, Dorra Slim, Shakura Pigmentation Beauty, Jonsson Protein, Victoria Facelift, g.spa Fitness and Recreation Hub, Adept Therapy, Aqua Hair Korean Salon, Devotion Beautique, Browtisan, Statice Spa, Vintage Studio, Donna Beauty, X’treme Professional Hair Studio, Beauty Qlinic and many more.

(We understand that it is an important responsibility, so please contact us if you would like references from our clients).