About Us

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of health and hospitality service providers in Singapore. Consequently, many smaller industries have sprung up to cater to their needs. Some of these businesses are in important niches. One of them is cleaning and maintenance services. Many hotels, restaurants, gyms, spas and salons find it easier and cost-effective to outsource their fabric cleaning. Their main requirement is the service should be quick, efficient and affordable.

Laundry Works is one of Singapore’s fastest growing launderettes and we aim to please. Our service is best in class and we are careful to maintain a high quality. Laundry Works was founded in 2013. We have recently expanded our portfolio and added some larger clients. Many of them were drawn to us after hearing of the royal treatment our customers receive.  Laundry Works strives to provide consistent and timely services to its clients. Our key differentiators are a trained workforce, efficient supply chain, state of the art laundry machines and on-time services.

What we believe in?

We believe that time is a precious resource for everyone. So providing timely and quality service is our biggest concern. We believe in setting expectations and outdoing them. We are our own competition.

Our Vision: To be the leading laundry service provider in the health and hospitality industry.

Our Mission: To provide excellent customer service to our clients through quality, consistency, reliability and timely service.

What we put our faith in?

Responsibility Once your fabrics are with us it is our responsibility to make sure they are treated in the best possible manner and delivered back to you crisp and clean.

Timeliness Time is of essence in service industries especially when it comes to the health and hospitality industry. We deliver on-time services to make sure you can deliver yours on time too; it’s a win-win.

Quality Quality is the cornerstone of our company; with quality comes reliability.

Organized – Organized processes help us run smoothly without a hitch. Discipline and organization is of utmost importance for us at Laundry Works.

Please give us an opportunity to meet your requirements. We will do our best not to give you a cause for complaint with our services. Let us help each other grow organically and become an example for other businesses who want to take on partners.